Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hey guys... Long time no update from me huh ? :D

Oh my God ! is this for really ? like really - really really ? ith has been so long since i've updated  this blog . Nearly , thiskinda thing is not my thing anymore . Hahaha. Guess what ? Busy ? Well its not seems to e like it ! Oh my english , fogive me if i ever said wrong . Hahaha. Who might even care doesnt it ?

Okay here is my story , i kept on stalking ,and stalk and stalk there and there . Ermm , by that i meant , blog . hehe. Then i've got some time , so i think i should update this blog . I dont know , maybe it has been months i think.

Here it goes the story ! tadaaaaa !!! when i start log in in into the world , i nearly forgot my password already . Hahah , What a shame ! it s the prove that i dont write for so long ,period actually .

Then , after loggin in , i see there , what the fish man ? you know what i meant , the dashboard has turned upside down . Haha . Which means , i dont know where does it goes for editing , making new post or what else . Then i start to figure it by myself . Pheww , so it has change a lot huh in this blogging world ? okay fine then , better changes for a better improvement right .

And then about the layout of my blog's appearance , i think i should stay it that way huh ? Maybe (almost too lazy to makes changes , haha. what ever). So this post is just about a comment on the changes that has been made to this world of blogging huh ? haha.. alrightey , thats all dude and babes .

And uh , theres an advice for me to continue our life in better way ,

" DO what makes you happy ,
Be with who makes you smile ,
Laugh as muchh as you breathe ,
And uh ,
Love as long as you live "

-xOxO-  see y'all later ...
will be keep in touv=ch in this new world of blog . And , i will ;) <\blink>

-jika anda suka,sila komen ya- kamsahamnida ! (n_n)v


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