Sunday, November 14, 2010

where thy has flown ?

at this long life time,
where have thy been,
where were thy love has been,

don't thy know that ive been in hot bowl in each tears i droped,
each dream i dreamt,
is waitin' for your coming back,

since you've followed the wind,
its been unwind at this farm,
farming without any coming back paid,
those wheat,hasnt been blowned by wind anymore,

shall i stay,
or shall i pray,
that you will you will remember me always,
like the way that we used to sway,
i just want you to stay,
that sway will be just like on its way,

since the day you left me unwind,
its the day i lost my mind,
the heart of mine has been grind,
how could you think of living me behind,
it is your happiness that i mind,
you should have it in your mind.

time after time,
time has passed away,
away and away,


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